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Who Are Your Care-Givers/Providers?


“You must treat someone’s mother or father or child the same as you would want your mother, father or child – or even you – to be treated.”

The sentiment of this thought is repeated over and over during the interview and new-hire process.  Our staff must embody this idea, or they are not a right match for Grace Healthcare Services because they are not a right match for you.  We only want to work with people that share the same family oriented values that we have – that way we can have confidence they will treat our clients like family. Our care-givers are compassionate professionals who stay relevant in our industry so that you can be sure your care is the best.

Our care-givers are not only vetted through a rigorous interview system, they are required to participate in continuing education programs and coaching to ensure they remain as vibrant for your care as you need them to be. We care for our providers like we care for our clients.  We know that a motivated and happy staff will stay energized for the work you need them to do. It is with this type of caring environment that our care-givers remain passionate, loving and meaningful members of your care plan.