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  • I live in a different city than my loved one. How do I coordinate services?

    Contact our office and we will walk you through providing any initial information to get the process started. If your family member has insurance, you will go through that provider’s referral form process.  If your loved one has Medicaid/Medicare, you will be referred to their case manager who will submit a Service Authorization Form.  If your loved one is going to self-pay, we will get approval to send a nurse out to do an in-person assessment.  It really is an easy process for any of these methods and can take just a few hours.

  • What happens if I choose Grace Healthcare as my home care provider?

    1. First thing to do is contact us so we can guide you through the referral/authorization process.
    2. Referral Process for agencies – Your case manager will complete and send in a Service Authorization Form to get the process started. We will then contact you to set an appointment for a nurse to come out for an in-person assessment.  This assessment also serves as a meet-and-greet to allow the client to begin to know Grace Healthcare and our providers.  We then match you with a caregiver.
    3. Referral Process for self-referred
      • We identify if it is private pay, private insurance or Medicaid/Medicare. Medicare clients go through their case manager to send in a Service Authorization Form with all the appropriate information.  Private insurance companies will have their own method of referral and authorization.
      • If it is Private Pay we just need your approval to send a nurse out for an in-person assessment. This assessment also serves as a meet-and-greet to allow the client to begin to know Grace Healthcare and our providers.  We then match you with a caregiver.
  • How does Private Duty Nursing differ from the services we already receive from Grace Healthcare Services?

    1. Private Duty Nursing (PDN) is for instances when your doctor or hospital prescribes a medical care provider for your extended needs. It may be because medication is involved, wound dressing, or that a piece of medical equipment has been prescribed to you and you’ll need assistance using, cleaning and maintaining it.
    2. PDN can be for short-term or long-term care
  • How is this paid?

    1. Medicaid/Medicare
    2. Private Pay/Health Insurance
    3. Self-Pay
    4. Veteran’s Benefits
    5. Worker’s Comp
  • Who uses Home Care services?

    1. We serve children 0 – 18 years old
    2. Adults and Elderly
    3. Chronically Disabled
    4. Injuries


    Another way of answering that is:

    1. People who need help refilling their medication dispensers
    2. People who need help cleaning their medical machinery or breathing tubes or even feeding tubes
    3. People who need someone in the home with them at all times
    4. People who have been prescribed a nurse
  • My neighbor know someone who does sitting services, why should I hire an agency over that person?

    We believe health care – in hospital, in facility, at home – should be done by someone you can rely on for their expertise and someone you can place your trust in. Your success depends on both those things. We also know that for many who pay out of pocket for care, finances play a big role in their decision-making.

    Hiring a home-care agency for your at-home medical and non-medical needs protects your interests in so many ways.  A home-care agency hires and monitors their personnel like a hospital will.  They are responsible for payments, tax liability, worker’s compensation, and all of the things that employers cover.  Most independent workers do not and the client ultimately may have to foot that bill. A home-care agency will vet its employees to ensure the client’s safety and needs are being protected.  A home-care agency is bonded and insured.  And ultimately, a home-care agency has been doing this work and is connected with the industry so long, their clients benefit from the knowledge and proven practice.

  • Do you accept Self-Pay clients?

    Of course.  We know that although many of us rely on insurance (of any form) to give us access to care, sometimes, we have to pay to get the type of care our loved one needs.  Self-pay clients, or their responsible family members, often choose to pay-out-of-pocket because they want choice, control over the decisions making, and peace of mind that they will receive best in class care.

  • How long will it take for someone to contact me?

    We usually initiate contact anywhere from 4-24 hours after receiving a referral or request.  We start the assessment process within 2-3 days and can begin providing in-home care almost immediately after.

  • Can you accommodate after hours or un-traditional hour visits?

    We sure can, we work 24/7.  We will work with you and your current care team to decide a day and time most suitable to you.  Our work with youth has allowed us to be a true help to parents of school aged children who need their care to be flexible during Track-Out and holiday seasons.

  • What services do you offer?

    • Assessment/Evaluation
    • Private Duty Nursing
    • CAP/C and CAP/DA
    • Personal Care
    • Respite/Companionship
    • VA
    • Medication Management/Reminders
    • Wound Care
    • Dressing
    • Bathing
    • Meal Prep
  • What if my loved one needs to go out to the doctor or to the store?

    During our assessment, we ask what need the client will have and include them on the care plan. Many of our clients are accompanied by their care-givers outside of the home. This service allows for the least disruption of daily activities.