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Contact Us:919-345-7808 After Hours 24/7


Stability and a sense of normalcy…that is what staying at home can mean to a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  Our services both allow your family member to remain in their comfortable and familiar surroundings, but they also help a family to know there is a caring and trustworthy team member that is entering their loved one’s home.  Our services include:

  1. Bathing, Dressing, Exercising
  2. Supervision during home and neighborhood activities
  3. Assistance with housekeeping and shopping
  4. Meal Preparation
  5. Monitoring of Pills

And should your loved one need more intensive care, our licensed nursing staff can assist with:

  1. Wound Care
  2. Injections
  3. Physical Therapy after injuries


Our goal is to be a family’s “one-stop shop” to ensure there are no gaps in care or communication.