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Patience and Grace

We Have Patience and Grace


You need patience to care for, nurture and understand the individual situations our clients are facing.  It is with this patience that every client and client’s family are cared for by Grace Healthcare Services (Grace).  Grace was founded with the understanding that we are entering someone else’s home, life, and often chaotic situation.

To become a trusted part of their team, it is the Grace way to access all of our client’s needs, thereby allowing us to meet the client “where they are” and demonstrate how Grace can make their lives a little bit easier. Patience is understanding that plan or no plan, every new activity, new scheduling snafu, new ailment or new emotion needs to be addressed, and our clients need a team to help them do just that.  Patience is helping clients and their families develop a new normal.  Patience is helping families help their loved ones.  Patience is understanding everyone needs someone to be patient with them.


“It is with God’s Grace that you and your family will make it through the hard situations you are having to deal with.  But He does have grace and you do make it through.” – Patience Chuku

The word “Grace” is synonymous with elegance, refinement, poise and restraint.  When the owners of Grace Healthcare started work in the healthcare industry and specifically in Home-Health, they were confident that patients and their families were in need of an agency that would not only enter their homes, meet their families and join their care plans, but also bring a breath of calm, stability, confidence and GRACE to a sometimes tumultuous situation.  It was the Chuku’s commitment to service that lead them to this service-path; to help bring grace into our client’s lives.  That commitment has allowed Grace Healthcare to enter our client’s lives and homes and provide well-trained and passionate care-workers who exhibit the same compassion and empathy as its founders.