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Adult and Elder Care


The dignity of a life well lived is the ability to remain in and continue to enjoy one’s home.  That’s the service we are bound to provide for our elders and the aged.  We see our work as a gift to many who would have to voluntarily or involuntarily leave their sanctuaries.

We provide both non-medical and medical based care for the aged based on plans that encourage independence and participation in decision making.  Elder care is often more specialized than for other adults, taking into account the various needs and requirements of senior citizens at different stages. We are so proud of our clients – they make the work worthwhile. Our goal is your goal; support your safe and independent participation in daily living activities, injury recuperation plans, and medical assistance plans. Some senior adults just need temporary assistance and then can take the reins themselves again.

Others need long term assistance and for a reliable partner in their care.  We provide comfort to many families who were concerned with how to support their elder loved one or who needed help implementing a plan for their elder loved one alone.  As we begin to live longer, it is good to know that there are options to remaining in the home you worked so hard to build in your earlier years.  We are proud and privileged to partner with you for your success.