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Pill Box Fill & Medication Management

Many people don’t realize there is one key contributor to readmission that is controllable.  Hospitals see patients continuously due to poor medication management.  Either a patient has forgotten to take a crucial medication, or they have taken a wrong dose; they have mixed their pills up or they can’t remember the changes in the doses throughout the day and week.  Everyone can go through this, but the danger comes in with those who are most vulnerable to being harmed by not noticing an error before it is too late.

Our licensed nursing staff is trained to help manage a client’s medication routine.  To reinforce the importance of good medication management awareness, we’ve started a unique concierge level service to manage the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly distribution of a client’s pill inventory into an at-home dispenser.  With the service of Pill Box Fill, client’s will receive a Grace Healthcare-Approved pill dispenser to assist with their pill management.  This service can be administered on its own or coupled with any additional private duty nursing or activities of daily living services we provide.  We want our community to recognize the importance of pill management and the dangers that poor management can cause.  We hope to partner with more of you to ensure the safety and success of your loved ones.