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Who Are Our Clients?


  In industry jargon there is terms you might see or hear: Cap-C or Cap-D or PCS or PDN. It’s how your story is labeled on paper. But in real life, to you, it’s called “My son’s challenges need more than me to care for him…” or “We could really use some help with my husband’s granddad…” or “I didn’t know switching roles with my parent was going to be so difficult and time-consuming…” or “I can’t relocate my aunt or myself right now so that I can help with her care…” or “I am embarrassed- I used to care for others, now I need care for me…”

Grace Healthcare Services acknowledges the challenges you or your loved one are facing are difficult, humbling and taxing. We understand that for family members, their needs have become your needs.  Likewise, if you are the one with needs, we understand how it can sometimes make you feel helpless and demoralized.  It is with a compassion and empathy for the hard work, sleepless nights and anxious doctor’s visits that we celebrate the first care-givers – the families, loved ones, and community and offer our hand to support your loved one and you.  It is with empathy and respect we celebrate the patients who would trust us to enter your homes and lives –  we don’t take it lightly.